Goals and Objectives

In an effort to align our assistive technology goals with Scott's IEP, we will use the following goals and objectives listed in the IEP. It is our goal to create an assitive plan that supports the goals established by Scott, his parents, and the IEP team.

1. Increase his ability to write a compound/complex sentence using proper writing mechanics and correct subject/verg agreements with 85% accuracy.

2. Increase his ability to draw inferences and meaning after reading curriculum based non-fictional text to 85% or better on assignments or tests.

3. Increase his ability to decode the meaning of unfamiliar words by using context clues to determine word/sentence meanings or to decipher unfamiliar words using familiar root words to 85% accuracy.

4. Maintain his ability to select and apply mathematical operations in a variety of contexts (using multi-digits in fractions, decimals, mixed numerals by multiplication or division) with 85% accuracy.