Disability and Learning Implications

Unlike other special needs that require accommodations in the classroom, there are no definite signs or symptoms of a learning disability. Student performance might be comparable to classmates in most areas except for a specific area such as written expression or math reasoning. Although learning disabilities can be specific, they can present themselves in many contexts. A student’s math disability will impact performance in not only the math classroom but also in other classes including science and computer programming. Learning disabilities are lifelong, but practicing skills to overcome them can lessen their impact and promote success in the classroom.

Scott is diagnosed with specific learning disabilities in the areas of Basic Reading Skills, Reading Comprehension, Reading Fluency, Written Expression and Mathematical Calculation. Due to his reading comprehension difficulties and reading fluency, he benefits greatly by having everything read to him especially tests. He also benefits from direct services in Math, Science and Communication Arts. Scott has more success on multiple choice question tests when there are three or fewer choices, he also requires several days notice to prepare for assessments. He learns best in small chunks of information.

As he is making post-secondary career goals and plans, he and his parents need to consider how his disability may affect his future success. His career goal is in the field of computer programming, and his disabilities in math and reading could affect him when it comes to understanding computer manuals and understanding mathematical codes necessary for programming.

Scott has unique medical needs as well, including epilepsy and ADHD. He is treated with daily medication for these conditions. Fortunately, Scott has been free of epilepsy related seizures for six and a half years. He does, however, have a hand tremor that creates a special need in courses relating to motor skills such as art. He needs special accommodation in these settings. This may also create special concern for Scott's use of hand held technologies such as calculators. Special efforts should be made to include voice assisted technologies if necessary to aid Scott's progress toward his educational goals.