Case Study

Based on this IEP :

"Scott" is a 16 year old high school freshman with Specific Learning Disabilities in the areas of Basic Reading Skills, Reading Comprehension, Reading Fluency, Written Expression, and Mathematical Calculation. Due to his reading comprehension difficulties and reading fluency, he benefits greatly by having everything read to him, especially tests. He also benefits from direct services in Math, Science, and Communication Arts. Scott also suffers from epilepsy that causes shaking tremors in his hands, which require modifications for some of his classes such as Art. He has been diagnosed with ADHD by a private physician and takes medication daily for ADHD. One of Scott's biggest struggles is reading directions or understanding the concepts after the directions have been given. He learns best in small chucks of information. Testing accommodations for the MAP include oral reading of math, science, and social studies tests, extended times for all subjects, use of a calculator in the math test, extended testing periods, and small group settings for all subjects. He is placed inside a regular classroom less than 40 percent of the day and receives weekly services in a special education setting.

The Woodcock Johnson II test places his overall level of achievement as "low average" in the areas of reading, math, math calculation skills, written language, and written expression. His fluency with academic tasks and his ability to apply academic skills are both within the low average range. His full scale IQ was determined to be 82 by the Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children-IV.

Scott's goals are to graduate from high school and complete post-secondary education in preparation for a job in the computer field. Scott has been praised for his eagerness to learn and for coming to class prepared. He works well with adults and is respectful to both adults and students. Scott also puts forth effort in class and on homework assignments. He requires extra time for assignments and extra time for exam preparation.

Scott has expressed an interest in obtaining his driver's license, a car, and a part-time job. He would like to someday pursue a four-year college degree and a career in computer programming. There is concern that his limited reading and comprehension skills will make understanding computer language and operation manuals difficult. Scott's current coursework focuses on improving his skills in math, English and reading to help him achieve his post-secondary educational and career goals.