Adaptive Devices and Software

To address the specific learning disabilities outlined in his IEP in the areas of Basic Reading Skills, Reading Comprehension, Reading Fluency, Written Expression, and Mathematical Calculation, we suggest the following software, internet browser add-ons, and hardware. The purpose of any adaptive device in an educational setting is to allow students to use their academic strengths to overcome the learning disability. In Scott's case, many of the suggested devices read printed text aloud; since he struggles with reading comprehension, spoken text allows him to retain information at a higher rate with less frustration, review, and reteaching.

Devices and Software for Math Disabilities

Devices and Software for Language Disabilities

Text-to-Speech Tools that will enhance comprehension of printed text

Audio Books
Audio books are available through many online services, as well as school and public libraries. Audiobooks are distributed as CDs, downloadable digital files, portable players such as Follet's Playaway, and through internet streaming. Some online providers of audio books include:

Paper-Based Computer Pen
A device such as the Livescribe smart pen may help while taking notes in language or math classes. It records everything the student writes and records the audio that accompanies the notes. Students can later review the audio for reinforcement and clarification.